Directed and Choreographed by Robert Moses
Dramaturgy by Paul S. Flores & James Kass
Lighting Design: Jose Maria Francos,
Featuring Robert Moses’ KIN, Katri Foster, Kirya Traber, Jason Mateo, Luke Brekke-Miesner, Emiliano Bourgois-Chacon and Ise Lyfe
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Forum October 9-10, 2004

“Rare is the dance artist who can pull off the mix of art and politics. Local treasure Robert Moses,  with his dance company, Kin, not only creates some of the most gorgeous movement onstage  anywhere, but also is committed to tackling ideas of race, class, culture and gender, and he does  so successfully. "Cause," …Created in collaboration with Youth Speaks, a local nonprofit spoken-word organization, Moses explored  the "first stirrings of hate" using the emotional and provocative live performances of poets  Emiliano Bourgois-Chacon, Luke Brekke-Meisner, Katri Foster, Ise Lyfe, Jason Mateo and  Tristan Ching.” SF Chronicle

Cause, features the musical score of Jonathan Norton and a series of Spoken Word pieces originally created by six members of Youth Speaks. For Mr. Moses, the genesis of Cause occurred while he was reading Jonathan Glover’s book Humanity: A Moral History of Hate in the 20th Century. “I felt compelled to create a dance about the first stirrings of hate, why it is and how it is passed on to the next generation. Unfortunately, I believe there is something seductive about hate.”

Artists of the company for the 2005 home season include: Ramon Ramos Alayo, Aramis Pazos Barrera, Tristan Ching, Bliss Kohlmyer Dowman, Todd Eckert, Amy Foley, Tianne Frias, Zenobia Moore, Robert Moses, Michael Separovich, Raissa Simpson and Katherine Wells.

Since founding Robert Moses’ Kin dance company in 1995, Robert Moses has created over 65 works for his San Francisco-based company, in addition to ballets for Cincinnati Ballet, Oakland Ballet, Lawrence Pech Dance Company, Robert Henry Johnson Dance Company, Savage Jazz Dance Company, and the Transitions Dance Company of the Laban Center in London. He has collaborated with many notable artists including Julia Adam, Margaret Jenkins, Alonzo King, Sara Shelton Mann, SoVoSo, Marcus Shelby, Keith Terry, and Frank Boehm.

Prior to establishing Robert Moses’ Kin, Moses was a highly regarded performer with Twyla Tharp Dance, ODC/San Francisco, Long Beach Ballet, Walt Disney World Productions, and Gloria Newman Dance Theater. His impressive credits include an association with Stanford University since 1995 as a lecturer, and as a master teacher or guest faculty member at Bates Dance Festival, Colorado Dance Festival, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, University of Texas, University of Nevada, Mills College, the American College Dance Festival and others.

His repertory and performances over the years have captured the attention and praise of the dance press, including “Nothing short of electrifying,” commented the Chicago Sun Times. The Los Angeles Times praised Robert Moses for creating “jewel-like dances built on classical form and enhanced by swivels, quirks and reverent pauses. Whether he’s using richly romantic taped music or rap, his carefully crafted lyricism contains moments of calm for reflecting, questioning or gathering strength.”